Star Access is an extraordinary semi-scientific journey and adventure of mankind survival and exploration of the universe beyond Earth. A journey shaped and steered by the Access community, while the creator, SuperVerseAI, breathes life and colors into the narrative through the use of 3D composition, AI, storytelling, and scientific data from NASA that will reflect the cosmic story, adventure and journey of the Star Access.

Every month drops as follows:

- 1 NFT for every poolie.

- One NFT for 50% of poolies randomly chosen.

- One NFT for 25% poolies randomly chosen.

- One 1/1 unique NFT for a single poolie randomly chosen in the Top 10 by score.

There might be additional drops throughout the month besides the ones above if certain conditions are met.

At the end of the month there will be also original lore to reflect the story and the events of the journey.

The benefits are subject to change, so that the whole project can be more flexible to expand or provide more value to the people.

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