TENMEN eyes are 10. TENMEN is an active artist in various fields such as AI, NFT, Doodle Art, and design, and has exhibited in Seoul, New York, and Paris. TENMEN is the official Crypto com NFT artist, and CryptoTENZ, TENZAI, and MasterpieceTENZ collections are sold out in minutes. / TENZAI Pure : The TENVERSE in 2035, which are a mixture of TENZ and AI, who have excellent appearance and divine wisdom. In the midst of a spiritual war between forces trying to rob people souls and protecting their souls, TENZAI Pure heals the wounds of the soul, one of the most difficult tasks in the world, and helps people be reborn as immortal beings.

* Supporters Benefits (Monthly)

1. One NFT to all poolies.

2. One NFT to all Super Supporters.

3. One NFT to all poolies who locked more than 10,000 $ACS.

4. One NFT to all from Top 10, by score.

5. One NFT to Top 1, by score.

* Distribution/Snapshot moments will be randomly choosen by the artist. A few updated.