I am the First NFT Sand Artist and AI Artist. I am an artist of 17 years working in various fields including NFT/sand art/AI art/digital art. All works have been exhibited and sold out all over the world, including Saatchi Gallery in the UK, Outernet in the UK, NFT New York NYC, Tokyo in Japan, COEX in Korea, and Koo Museum in Korea. I collaborated with KPOP girl group Mamamoo twice for concerts, collaborated with numerous global companies and orchestra teams, and made many appearances on major Korean broadcasting stations. Over 4,000 works were dropped from NFT, Foundation NFT, Upbit NFT, OPENSEA, etc., and all were sold out. I value my collectors and have kept all my promises. I hope that you and I will have a wonderful relationship by becoming my precious collector.

* Supporters Benefits (Monthly)

1. One NFT to all poolies.

2. One NFT to all Super Supporters.

3. One NFT to all poolies who locked more than 10,000 $ACS.

4. One NFT to all from Top 10, by score. (Special)

5. One NFT to Top 1, by score. (Rare)

* Surprise (sometimes)

1, One NFT to all from Top 10, by score. (Sand Art black and white video work)

2, One NFT to Top 1, by score. (New special collection NFT or Sand Art color video work)

* Distribution/Snapshot moments will be randomly choosen by the artist. A few updated.