Flowerkids are grown with a balanced diet of cynical anxiety and hopeful optimism 🌼 Original drawings and animation by RenPenCreations 🍍 A collection of 133+ individual art tokens, dropped at random intervals to subscribers, with some unique exclusives only available for purchase. Flowerkid drops are ranked by rarity: ABUNDANT (100% of subscribers), COMMON (50% of subscribers), SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT (top 25% of subscribers), RARE (5 random subscribers), UNIQUE (1/1 listed for sale)

All subscribers become Flowerkids Fam!! 🌼

100% of subscribers receive Abundant drops πŸ’§πŸ’§

50% of subscribers randomly receive Common drops πŸ’§

Top 25% of subscribers receive Special Achievement drops πŸŽ–

Five randomly chosen subscribers will receive Rare drops 🎲

All subscribers automatically entered into occasional raffles to win exclusive IRL MERCH 🎁

Special access on Discord to be the first to know when new UNIQUE drops are minted πŸƒ