Welcome to ParaBullStas world! 🌟 As a wheelchair-bound bull residing on the moon and a passionate cryptocurrency enthusiast, I am here to inspire and uplift you. Follow my journey as a Paralympic medalist and let us embark on a quest for strength, resilience, and personal growth together. Join me in embracing a stronger and healthier life! πŸ’ͺπŸš€ Behind the Scenes: The Mastermind Henry Manni Hello there! I am Henry Manni, a Finnish Paralympic medalist with 17 podium finishes in wheelchair racing. As a trained fitness professional with ten years of experience in sports and physical education, I bring expertise to my journey. When not racing, I delve into the captivating world of cryptocurrencies since 2017.

Welcome to the World of ParaBullStar!πŸš€

A Blog that Takes You on a Journey:

Every week, I pen a blog that not only illuminates the depths of the crypto universe but also shares tales of grit, innovation, and the power of community. My blog is your gateway to a world where each word is like a star in the sky – ready to guide you through the vastness of crypto space.

NFTs that Seal the Moments:

After every four blog posts, I mint unique NFT images to immortalize these moments for you, my dear subscribers. These pieces, part of my MyLife NFT collection, are my thank you for your loyalty and courage.

Special Arrangements that Reward You:

NFT 1. The lowest 60% by the score.

NFT 2. The next 30% by the score.

NFT 3. The top 10% by the score.

NFT 4. Super Supporter

The score is determined by the amount of ACS tokens locked and the length of your subscription.

MyArt - Exquisite Art that Inspires:

Additionally, I create unique NFT art within my MyArt collection. Everyone can find something magnificent, but eternal supporters and top-ranked subscribers have even better odds.

A Community that Grows Together:

In this community, your score is determined by the ACS tokens you've locked and the days you've been a subscriber. Every day, every lock, builds a bridge towards our dreams.

Join an adventure where every moment is an opportunity to grow, learn, and shine – together. In the world of ParaBullStar, the future is now, and it's filled with starlight.