Architect and Artist bringing the world of digital art and calligraphy together through Project KALIMAT (Arabic for Words), an art project from Berlin, Germany. KALIMAT aims to revive stories of ancient times using a mix of Calligraphy and Digital Art to create words, which in turn come together to form a greater paragraph and a much larger text. The social part aims to introduce Web3.0 locally to people with little or no contact to the space. KALIMAT supports the presence of the Arabic speaking community in Web3

Subscribers receive 5 exclusive NFTs each month.

May season:

- 1 NFT for each Poolie (3D)

- 1 NFT for 25% of the Poolies - randomly chosen (3D)

- 1 NFT for the top 10% Poolies (3D)

- 1 NFT for the top Poolie (1/1 - 3D)

- 1 NFT for a random Poolie (Surprise)

The distribution is subject to change and will be updated and communicated beforehand. Snapshot time not disclosed.