Welcome to JulesL art, an abstract and landscape artist who enjoys painting on both the traditional and digital canvas. My work often combines both mediums. Using elements from within my oil paintings as the foundation, I use a wide variety of techniques and a number of tools to bring images to life. All my work is created by hand. Each month through the collection “Beneath The Surface” I will share my process. My drops will include both layers within the oil painting and the reconstructed digital pieces.


🟡 One digital painting (NFT) to all subscribers

🟢 One digital painting (NFT) to 25% of subscribers randomly

🟣 One digital painting (NFT) to 10 from the top 20 subscribers by score

💎 One 1/1 digital painting (NFT) to one subscriber with a minimum of 30K ACS locked at random


Lock in a minimum of 10K ACS forever for these exclusive TIERED benefits.

🤍 SILVER (monthly)

Forever-lock a minimum of 10K ACS

One Super Edition digital painting to all super supporters

One x 1/1 Super Edition digital painting to ONE super supporter at random

💛 GOLD (variable)

Forever-lock a minimum of 50K ACS

To be eligible for entry into raffles for original oil paintings.


Limited Editions (digital) and Remnants (physicals) are bonus drops, distribution & frequency will vary.

📸 Snapshot dates will not be disclosed. Those with a balance of zero $ACS at this time will be excluded from the drop.

📢 All benefits are subject to change. Any change will be announced in the Access Protocol discord Creator channel.