Artist of many forms. Singer-Songwriter, Music Producer, Visual Artist. I enjoy creating music and writing, occasionally painting and drawing. I also enjoy photography with an artistic touch as well.

Monthly Subscriber Benefits:

- Give Back Rewards of 1000 ACS for 5 random subscribers.

1. One NFT for all subscribers.

2. One NFT for Top 50% of subscribers.

3. One NFT for Top 10 subscribers by score.

4. One NFT for 1 random Subscriber out of top 25 by score.

Surprise NFTs from time to time to all subscribers.

Super Subscribers Benefits:

- Unlimited License to all beats for profit use on all platforms. (Never Expires) Information on how to get your own unique code will be in NFT descriptions.

- 2 additional NFTs per Month.

- Give Back Rewards of 5000 ACS for 4 random subscribers.

Cut-off dates for snapshots are undisclosed.

Users with 0 ACS after the cut-off will be excluded.

These benefits are subject to change over time.