I engineer otherworldly NFTs, merging the digital world with art and AI technology to depict fantastical lands, alien races, vivid apocalyptic scenes, and various other digital art styles, complementing my photography and poetry. As Certified drone pilot and diver based in Florida, and inspired by nature, my photography explores landscapes captured by land, air, and sea.

I will be providing exclusive NFTs to my Access subscribers each month.

One NFT for every subscriber.

One NFT for 50% of subscribers randomly chosen.

One NFT for 25% of subscribers randomly chosen.

A single subscriber randomly chosen in the Top-10 wil get a 1/1 NFT.

The Top-10 subscribers will get a 10/10 NFT.

Top-20 subscribers will get a 20/20 NFT.

There will be unique,

epic and legendary bonus NFTS!!

SUPER SUPPORTERS will be greatly appreciated and will receive special bonus NFTs and ACS drops!

Cut-off dates for snapshots are undisclosed. Follow Des_Digitals on for clues about the future drops.