Enrich Your Digital Portfolio with Artifex - Where the precision of generative AI meets the warmth of human creativity. Our NFT art features diverse styles, embracing everything from abstract visions to futuristic cyberpunk realms. Artifex is more than a brand; its a haven for creativity—a place where each piece is a conversation, every collection a new frontier. Join us in this exploration of digital expression, where every creation is a step into the vast unknown. Welcome to Artifex – your portal to the Digital Infinite. 🎨♾️

🎁 Monthly NFT Drop:

🔵 Base (100%) The foundation of our collection, sent to 100% of subscribers, every month.

🍃 Common (50%) A frequent find, sent to 50% of our subscribers, every month.

💎 Uncommon (25%) Less frequently encountered, sent to 25% of subscribers, these NFTs offer increased exclusivity.

🏆 Exclusive (Scoreboard drop) Awarded to top scorers, randomly chosen among the top 5/10/25% of subscibers by score, these NFTs are a mark of distinction.


We Also Mint Limited Collections To Subscribers, Every Month.

⚡ Rare (25/25) With only 25 in existence, these NFTs are highly sought after.

⚔️ Epic (15/15) Epitome of epicness, limited to 15 pieces, for the true connoisseurs.

🐉 Legendary (10/10) The stuff of legends, with only 10 in existence, they are a rare treasure.

🦄 Mythic (5/5) Mythically rare, the unicorn of our NFTs, with only 5 crafted.

🌠 Starlight (3/3) As rare as a fleeting starlight, only 3 collectors will claim these.

👻 Ghost (1/1) The ultimate in rarity, a singular NFT that is like a ghost in its elusiveness.


🏗️ Give Back Bonus and 🎟️ NFT Raffle:

- Your subscription fuels collective rewards! As our community grows, we give back weekly. Will you be the next Golden Ticket holder?

- Each week, a special Golden Ticket NFT is minted and randomly awarded. The winner receives the weekly giveback in ACS tokens!


🎨 NFT Attributes:

📝 Name: The title of the NFT.

✨ Rarity: How rare the NFT is.

🌊 Pool: The series or set the NFT is from.

🖌️ Style: The visual look and artistic style of the NFT.

🖼️ Editions: Denotes the quantity of NFTs that were minted.


📣 Stay Updated:

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📅 Note:

- No ACS after cut-off = no perks 🚫

📃 Terms are subject to change.

🕵️ Snapshot dates are a mystery!