Abel Okugawa specializes in creating cinematic sound for Audiovisual Art, TV, Film and Interactive projects. Music, at its best, always tells a story. Whether it’s a romantic classic from the 1800s or the latest Top 40 hit, the songs that last are those that connect with listeners via their universal stories. For the past twenty years, recording artist Abel Okugawa has been doing just that, creating his own unique blend of electronic music that fuses urban flavors together with natural, organic elements to tell his own musical story, using the hidden intricacies of sound and rhythm to bring life to each and every one of his projects. After composing the score for Emmy Award winning King Lines in 2008, the artist’s work on Mantra won the award for “Best Film Score 2009” at the Dark Carnival Film Festival. Abels portfolio boasts his score on several films having won the BANFF highest honors, and is the sound designer and mixer for Boyd Tinsley’s celebrated film, Faces in the Mirror.

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Music Licensing:

Staking grants a single non-exclusive music license for use in social media. Choose any music from my catalog of over 500+ custom bespoke tracks.

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Professional Mix Review

Forever Lock/Super Subscriber 2500+ ACS

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I will listen in depth and deliver a detailed review giving you a list of sonic improvements that can be made to achieve better mix results. You can use these notes as a professional guide to achieve a better mix.

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