Certified drone pilot and diver capturing stunning moments from the skies and beneath the waves! Based in Florida, I specialize in taking photos by land, air and sea, creating captivating images that tell unique stories. As an artist at heart, I blend creativity with technical expertise to produce mesmerizing visuals. In addition to my photography skills, I write poetry and engineer NFTs, merging the digital world with art and technology.

I will be providing exclusive NFTs to my Access subscribers each month.

One NFT for every subscriber.

One NFT for 50% of subscribers randomly chosen.

One NFT for 25% of subscribers randomly chosen.

A single subscriber randomly chosen in the Top-10 wil get a 1/1 NFT.

The Top-10 subscribers will get a 10/10 NFT.

Top-20 subscribers will get a 20/20 NFT.

There will be unique,

epic and legendary bonus NFTS!!

Cut-off dates for snapshots are undisclosed. Follow Des_Digitals on for clues about the future drops.