SolWraith: Guardian of Velocity

Epic: 10/221 (4.52%)

SolWraith stands as a radiant emblem of the blockchain's renowned speed and efficiency. Its form, a cascade of vibrant blues and electrifying purples, flows with the perpetual motion of innovation. At its core, the glowing Sol symbol serves as a beacon of scalability, its presence an ethereal testament to Solana's groundbreaking Proof of History. This Cryptowraith embodies the agility and futuristic vision of the Solana network, a ghostly guardian of its vast digital territory.
Minted on
📝 Title🟣⚡ SolWraith: Guardian of Velocity
✨ Rarity 🏆 Leaderboard Legend: One NFT to 10 from Top 25, By Locked, Randomly
🌊 Pool👻 Spektre
🖼️ Editions🏷️ 10/10