Spectral Strength

Frequent: 72/144 (50.00%)

As the ghostly veil of Halloween descends, emerge with the "Spectral Strength" Ghosty NFT. With a flex of might under a hooded guise, its bright blue eyes pierce the veil of the ordinary, revealing a realm of eerie empowerment. The glowing pink 'S' on its chest pulses with the heartbeat of Spektre, casting a light on the path of digital conquest. This Ghosty's faceless visage, embodies a mysterious allure, inviting you to embrace the unknown. Own this spectral emblem of strength, and carry the might of Spektre into the digital frontier.
Minted on
📝 Name👻💪 Spectral Strength
✨ Rarity 🎭 Spektre Spooktober
🌊 Pool👻 Spektre
🌐 Distribution ⛩️ Spiritual Gates: Spektre Spin 50% (72/72)