Ghosty: Abyssal Vanguard #2

Rare: 34/136 (25.00%)

Dare to enter the blazing depths with Spektre's Abyssal Vanguard. A fierce representation of the challenges a Ghosty faces during ascension, and conquers. The Ghosty Demon Hunter, armored and vigilant, represents a Ghosts' unyielding spirit, constantly hunting down obstacles and turning them into opportunities. With the fiery pits and lurking adversaries symbolizing the volatile world of fintech, the Abyssal Vanguards stand firm, ensuring that Spektre and the Ghosts', always emerges victorious, no matter the odds.
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📝 Name🔥 Ghosty: Abyssal Vanguard #2
✨ Rarity 🎭 Spektre Spooktober
🌊 Pool👻 Spektre
🌐 Distribution ⛩️ Spiritual Gates: Spektre Spin 25%