Shadow Ghosty: Ninja #1

Epic: 27/136 (19.85%)

Unveil the shadowy escapades you will embark on, as a Ghosty, in the Shadow Ghosty: Ninja - mini-series by Spektre. Each image captures a unique moment of our spectral ninja's journey, blending the ethereal with the dynamic. From swift strikes in moonlit nights to silent waits in the dark, this series encapsulates a Ghosty's transformation into a master of shadows. Dive into the enigmatic world of Spektre's ninja realm and witness your prowess as a Shadow Ghosty, a spectral force to be reckoned with.
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📝 Name👥Shadow Ghosty: Ninja #1
✨ Rarity 🎭 Spektre Spooktober
🌊 Pool👻 Spektre
🌐 Distribution ⛩️ Spiritual Gates: Spektre Spin 20%