Unlocking The Bastion 🏰

Frequent: 116/116 (100.00%)

🏰 The Grand Finale: Unlocking The Bastion 🏰 Behold 'Unlocking The Bastion,' the pinnacle of our 7-day odyssey leading up to the launch of Blockchain Bastion. This special edition video NFT encapsulates the essence of our collective journey, immortalizing the excitement, anticipation, and innovation that define our community. As a Ghosty, owning this exclusive piece grants you a unique status, forever etching your name in the annals of Blockchain Bastion's history! Ghosty’s who collect all 7 and own The Grand Finale, feel a spark of power from within as the sigils lock in place together. Their energies intertwine and a glow begins to emanate from among them…
Minted on
📝 Name🏰 Unlocking The Bastion
✨ Rarity 💽 Exclusive - Unlocking The Bastion
🌊 Pool👻 Spektre
🌐 Distribution 💯 % - Early Adopter