Digital artist | Creative coder | Visual Storyteller | Making art that breaks free from trends. Art with a soul, a reason for being on their own | Cromwell is a digital artist exhibited in NY, Miami, Dubai, Paris, Madrid and Latin America, focused on audio-reactive visuals in real time, which makes them unique since when reacting with code commands through music, the movements are not repeated.

1.-My subscribers will have an audio-reactive visual in real time every month + 2 generative images derived from that visual. Total NFTs to receive= 1 Video + 2 images

2.-The Top 3 will be able to tell me which song they want the visual with and they will get the original visual + the visual with the song they they want (15sec fragments) + 2 generative images derived from it. Total NFTs to receive = 2 videos + 4 images.

3.-The VIP drop for the TOP 3 will be four days after the general drop. The TOP 3 can contact me the day after the general drop for the custom music visual through my X DM or through my Discord channel.

4.-Additionally 1 Audio-reactive visual for 25% of the poolies at random every month. Total NFTs to receive = 1 Video additional

5.-🔥SUPER SUPPORTERS: Will have a collection dedicated only to my super supporters, where I will make monthly visuals drops for each of you 💎

Cut-off dates for snapshots are undisclosed. Users with zero ACS after the cut-off will be excluded.

🤘 + BONUS TO ALL MY POOLIES: Dive into 1 Exclusive Digital Goodie every month that go beyond the boundaries of NFTs with my animated wallpapers and screensavers! which can be downloaded (from Sketch) and used on your pc, tablet or phone. These copyright-free gifts are my way of saying THANK YOU for being an awesome Poolie !