i am John, a generative artist who crafts mesmerizing visual experiences using the power of code. I harness the creative potential of algorithms, primarily through p5.js, a JavaScript library, to breathe life into captivating visuals. Over the past two years, I have been an active participant in the NFT space, and many of my artworks have garnered significant recognition and appreciation from the community. What sets my work apart is my mastery of intricate colors and patterns, which I weave into every piece. Additionally, my background in computer science and extensive knowledge of 3D modeling have enriched my artistic journey. I invite you to embark on this creative voyage with me, where my creations traverse uncharted artistic territories, imbued with profound meaning and explosive emotions.

Once per month, ALL contributors will be airdropped AT LEAST 1 NFT according to the following rules :

1 ) 1 NFT for every contributor

2) 1 NFT for 50% of contributors at RANDOM

3) 1 NFT for TOP 25% of contributors by score

4) 1/1 NFT for a SINGLE winner who is a top 10 contributor

5) Top 5 contributors will have a free mint on all of my upcoming generative art projects(solana/tezos/ethereum)

6) Top 10 contributors will be whitelisted for all of my upcoming generative art

projects (solana/tezos/ethereum) and will enter a raffle to win one free mint

7) Subscribers with over 150,000 ACS locked will get a commissioned exclusive 1/1 NFT every month co created with me ( MAX 5 co creations per month from top 5 poolies that locked over 150,000 acs in my pool ) --UPDATE ( the 5 poolies are locked for the 1/1 co creations for September ! More positions will open next month )

***All my NFTS airdropped to my subscribers are going to be very high in quality ,suitable for large scale printings. Raffles for physicals will start when printing service is ready on the first quarter of 2024.