AI/Generative artist in South Korea. Reinterpret traditional arts using AI technology. Award winning artist, Artworks exhibited in NY, Paris, Seoul, Madrid, Singapore, Shanghai, Shenzen, Hangzhou and many others.


1) 1 Common NFT for every contributor (EVERYONE)

2) 1 Uncommon NFT for 50% of contributors at RANDOM (RANDOM 50%)

3) 1 Rare NFT for Top 30% contributors by score (TOP 30%)

4) 1 Super Rare NFT for Top 10% contributors by score (TOP 10%)

5) 1 EPIC NFT for Top 2% contributors by score (TOP 2%)

6) 1 unique 1/1 NFT for Top 1 contributor by score


1) Every year, 1+ PFP collections are created, snapshot taken at an undisclosed time and distributed accordingly. All supporters will receive at least one unique nft. Items with high rarity are distributed differentially according to pool contribution.

Snapshot dates WILL NOT be disclosed to keep things fair for all. Users with zero ACS contributed to the pool will be excluded. Drops will roll out at the beginning of the each month.

These benefits are subject to change over time. Join my poolie channel on ACS Discord to stay on top of announcements.