🔸De La Soul Child (b. Chris Torres) is a a NJ based, Internationally recognized Poetic Expressionist Artist, Poet, Fashion Designer, and Web3 creator. 🔻Art was the first therapy the Artist utilized as a catalyst to his spiritual, psychological journey of life, ultimately soul searching through written word and visual art. ▫️De La Soul Child is recognized for his distinctive colorful abstract, cubist, expressionist paintings which are intertwined with a style of vibrancy, even through the chaos that may often be displayed. Often represented by the halos displayed in the artists work, which represent life and death and is a symbol of the circle of life we go through, from birth, to embarking on our lives spiritual journey. 🔹I welcome you all with open arms to come join my dela Soul Friends Club discord, to immerse yourself in my life long journey as a Poetic Expressionist: 🔸▫️🔹🔻


🟩 Welcome to the Official DE LA SOUL CHILD x access art club. Members gain prestige access to various mediums of art, such as paintings, mixed medias, poetry, and with opportunities to collect physical fine-art pieces.


🟩 NFT Art Acquisitions for Supporters:

🟩 SOULHOUETTE Collection

🟩 deGreat Gatsby Collection: 1/1s and Editions

🟩 Pixelated Soul Fragments Collection-Up to 5K Collection or Less

🟩 Coffee or Tea: poetry anthology Collection: poetry books

🔹 1. One NFT to all supporters

- Rarity: common

🔺 2. One NFT to Top 60% supporters by locked ACS.

- Rarity: uncommon

▫️ 3. One NFT to Top 45% supporters by locked ACS.

- Rarity: rare

🔸 4. One NFT to Top 30% supporters by locked ACS.

- Rarity: Epic

🔺 5 One 1/1 NFT to Top 1 supporter from Top 3 picked randomly, by locked ACS.

- Rarity: mythic

▫️ 6. Random Art Gift-Drop for all supporters

- Rarity: varies



- Current Lock Amounts for Life-Time Access to exclusive NFT art acquisitions= 5,000 $ACS-10,000 $ACS

🔺What do you see?: perspective S1-Digital Zine

-Releasing soon

-Each NFT is labeled and minted individually with there edition #

-All will receive an edition


-All will receive a 1/1 through raffles

***Super-Lock approximately (8,000,000,0 $ACS) for a Luxury Super Supporter art collection of NFT Prints that will come with there physical painting with each NFT print! We will also expand together and get these pieces shown in gallery showings. This will be an extension from me to become a physical art collector for life. Contact with any questions please!***


🟩 Physical Canvas and or Digital Art-Work Commissions are OPEN. Please email me at and or to inquire.

*Subject to change.

🟩 Club Discord: and invite your soul friends.