Hello! I’m Nick, aka Crossbow and I’m a digital content creator and NFT artist. I love painting abstract canvases. My favourite are oil and acrylic paints. I also like creating art on PC by painting with the mouse and also creating AI works. I also create Teckno and Drum and Bass music.

4 NFTs every month for ALL Subcribers (1 NFT per Week; Special drops excluded)

1 NFT every month for ALL Top 10 Subcribers by Score

1 NFT every month for Top 1 Subcriber by Score

The top 3 subscribers (calculation performed at the end of the current month and valid for the following month) will have the opportunity to collaborate with me once a month to:

have a personalized AI NFT

collaborate on an artistic digital work

The Top 1 subscriber for Score and with a minimum lock of 250,000 ACS will receive a real physical hand-painted work on canvas directly to their home (once every 6 months, 2 times for year)

MONTHLY GIVEAWAY - One Poolie drawn at random will win a Special NFT

RANDOM RAFFLES - all Poolies will be able to participate

Every month 10000* ACS tokens will be added to my pool

*amount of tokens variable based on the performance of the pool