ElOgiso is a curator, a top NFT artist, and a verified creator on multiple social dApps. ElOgiso has been featured in prestigious events and venues such as Time Square NYC, Art Share Magazines, Stars Arena and , Korea Museum, China and Japan. He has also showcased his African inspired works in many physical and virtual galleries. ElOgiso is not only an artist, but also a community builder, a crypto trader with over 5 years of experience, and a top creator on Binance Square with weekly trending content he created. He is also an investor who is open to new ideas and potential growth. In the digital space, ElOgiso is a cultural disciplinarian with over 40k+ growing followers on Web3 socials and NFT marketplaces, and a growing community of 17k followers on one of the largest crypto platforms in the world.

i. Access to Art Culture / ElOgiso SocialFi Communities for all the poolies.

ii. Monthly unique NFT drops, physical gift at random with cool surprises!

iii. FREE insights from ElOgiso on your Crypto trader journey with educational articles written from experience to guide you.

iv. 1 NFT for every poolie + Co-Curator offer for top 30 pollies, on my projects.

V. Golden Poolie: Random popular $$ Solana coin Airdrop for the highest poolie, One signed-created 1/1 NFT will be unlocked by top 3 poolies with at least 30 million score + 1 million ACS locked at the time of the snapshot.

Please note: Cut-off dates for snapshots are undisclosed. Users with zero ACS after the cut-off will be excluded. The drop will happen once a month.

These benefits are subject to change over time. Join Crypto Immortals