| Artist, Creator. Dream Builder, Writer. // AI adventurer. In 2023, my artworks were showcased in Times Square NYC, Amsterdam, London, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I will also have work on display at the rooftop Artists Village gallery during NFTNYC 2024.

Each month, subscribers can look forward to the following -

- 1 NFT for every poolie.

- 1 NFT for 25% of the poolies at random.

- 1 NFT for a single winner in the top-15 by score, at random.

- Surprise drops from time to time.

Cut-off dates for snapshots are undisclosed. Users with zero ACS after the cut-off will be excluded. The drop will happen once a month.

These benefits are subject to change over time. Check the Creator Hub ACS Discord channel to stay on top of announcements.