Hi, Im Kamael, an illustrator based in Singapore. Currently, I work as a full-time freelance illustrator. Abstract art style characterizes my work, but with a unique and different touch from other abstract styles. my abstract artworks, art lines and dark art with character combine in stunning harmony.

Hey Loopers, this monthly Benefit for my supporters! 🔽

1. One NFT for every poolies.

2. One NFT for 50% randomly choosen poolies.

3. One NFT for poolies who locked more than 10,000 $ACS tokens on my pool.

4. One NFT for TOP 20% poolies by score.

5. One NFT for TOP 10% poolies by score

6. One NFT for All Super-Supporters!

7. Special NFT artwork for Top-1 supporter by score.

+ Surprise Artworks Drop!

Distribution/Shot moments will be randomly selected by the artist.